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Thank you for taking the time to have a look at our site, why not have a peek at our search page page? You can search here for listings within this site by company name, url,telephone number etc.

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More details on the Metadata we include in our listings.

Metadata is the information usually hidden from the user and web browser software ( internet explorer, netscape navigator, Opera, Firefox etc) which is important to search engines and internet proffessionals. Most people using the internet are unaware that any metadata exists. Almost every web page carries this hidden data. The data that we povide in our listings is based on METATAGS ( further details below) which are placed in the home page of each site. Our users may find this information useful when choosing whether to navigate to any particular site.

Browser software usually includes an option to view source code of a web page, the meta data for the page you are on can be viewed in the head section of any html document. try it!

Some of the important METATAGS are listed below.

The title of a web page is perhaps the most important of all meta tags although title itself is not a meta tag

Keywords should be separated by commas, with more important words listed first

The page description should be less than 200 words

This tag represents the name of the person who created the page

Reply To
E-mail address of a contact person

The year of copyright and the holder's name

This tag sets the frequency of a spider's return.

This field must contain a URL of the page to which a user will be redirected in a
specified number of seconds or simply the refresh time if the same URL is given

This tag helps some search engines to place your site under the proper category

meta tag provides a media-independent method for defining relationships with other documents

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Link to help

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